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Save the Date Ideas (And Etiquette!)

So you’re trying to figure out save the date ideas. Should you have them? When should you send them? Should they be paper or magnets or something crazy like a puzzle? So -  here is the deal with save the dates:



Save the dates are relatively recent inventions in the world of weddings. But as families and friends have gotten more geographically dispersed, weddings have become more of a destination event for many of the players. As such, it’s become common to let people know that they should, well, save the date. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the newness of the phenomenon also means that there is not a lot of set etiquette. That means A) to some extent you can do what you want (yay!), and B) there are not super clear rules to follow (boo!). So, let us give you some basic guidelines probably worth following.


1. Save the dates are not mandatory, which means you should send them if you think it will be genuinely helpful. Save the date ideas can be anything from letter-pressed cards that match your invitation suite, to magnets, to emails… to text messages, because why not?


2. Keep in mind that save the dates have a way of locking you into a guest list far in advance of the wedding. That means if you run out of space at your venue, or you get in a fight with someone, you’re in the position of UN-inviting them from your wedding, which is never pretty. When this happens, etiquette doesn’t have much of a life preserver to throw you, so proceed with caution.


3. When do you send save the dates? Anywhere from six months to a year in advance of your wedding, depending how busy your guests are, if it’s a holiday, where the wedding is… and your common sense.


Beyond that though, the sky is the limit. Which means it’s time to have some fun. Let’s look at some of our favorite save the date ideas.






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