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15 Pieces of Advice for the Newly Engaged

So, if you’re looking at this blog post, chances are you’ve just got engaged- so congratulations! We’re so excited for you and want to help you every step of the way.


The engagement period is full of love, excitement, and joy. However, when it comes to the wedding planning process, it can seem a little daunting. So, we’re here to help steer you in the right direction.


Without further ado, let’s dive in.




Call your parents- they should be the first to know this fantastic news. Then ring round the rest of your relatives: siblings, grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc. and don’t forget your best gal pals and friends!


Anyone who’s close to you shouldn’t be told about your engagement through social media. It’ll mean the world to them if you reach out and tell them personally about your happy news.


Plus, if your fiance values tradition, then he might have visited your Dad to ask for permission. In which case, your parents have probably been patiently waiting for the phone to ring to hear all about it!


So, as tempting as it is to post an engagement selfie on social media during the immediate aftermath of your proposal, try to restrain yourself until you’ve spoken to your loved ones.


We recommend scheduling a few hours to go through your phone book, so you don’t miss anyone out- no one likes to feel like they’ve been left in the dark!


If your family’s especially big, consider recruiting your Mom or sister to help you with this task- chances are they’ll want to revel in the excitement as much as you do!



Now you’ve told your loved ones, tell the world!


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, post an engagement selfie on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…whatever! Maybe a cute pic of the ring or a gorgeous photo of you and your fiance looking happy?


Or, if the proposal was filmed and you’re comfortable sharing this special moment, post that! There’s nothing more heartwarming than the look of surprise on a bride to be’s face when he gets down on one knee!


Also, while you’re already on Facebook, remember to change your Facebook relationship status!



Your beautiful ring is probably the most gorgeous piece of jewelry you’ve ever set eyes upon.


However, it may be a tad too big for you. Does it feel like your rock’s got too much wiggle room? Or, does it feel so tight it’s uncomfortable?


If you answered yes to either of those questions, get your ring resized ASAP. There would be nothing more upsetting than losing the ring because it’s too big. It’s totally worth the time and effort- some jewelers can get this done in a matter of hours!



While you’re at the jewelers getting your ring resized, you should inquire about ring insurance.


If something awful was to happen to your ring, at least insurance will give you his money back. Of course, this isn’t a replacement for the memories and sentimentality that comes with your original engagement ring – but, it’s better than nothing.


Or, if you have home insurance/ content insurance, call up your provider and ask whether you’re able to add your ring to your policy.



Getting engaged is so exciting, so make sure you celebrate this fabulous occasion. If ever there was a need to crack out the champagne, now’s the time!


There’s no pressure to have an extravagant engagement party (unless you want one) something as simple as heading down to your favorite restaurant or hosting a quiet drinks and nibbles party at home, with just a few close friends and family would be perfect!


All that’s important is that you give yourself time to celebrate with your loved ones and revel in your happiness! Everyone loves a wedding, so people will inevitably want to celebrate with you and get caught up in your excitement!



Needless to say, your new rock will be the main topic of conversation for the next few weeks.


In light of this, you should treat yourself to a luxurious manicure, so your nails look their best when you’re flashing your shiny new ring around. Or, if you rather go for a more natural look, you could just make sure they’re clean and shaped.



Let yourself daydream about your ideal wedding. There’s nothing better than getting a load of wedding magazines and cutting out everything swoon-worthy to fuel your inspiration.


If you haven’t dreamt of your wedding since you were little, that’s OK. You have plenty of time to gather ideas and work out what you want for your special day.


The best place to get inspiration is obviously the Cake and Lace blog, but apart from that…head for Pinterest.


Create plenty of boards and pin everything you like the look of. The best thing about Pinterest is that you can invite your bridesmaids and Mom to contribute to your pinboards- this is a really sweet way of getting your loved ones involved in the wedding planning and process- plus, sometimes two heads are better than one!


Let your imagination run wild, allow yourself to pin everything you like the look of, let yourself be entirely inspired. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little carried away!


Or, if Pinterest isn’t your bag you can quickly set up a Google Doc. You can paste any wedding blogs/vendors/reviews that you come across here.


This’ll make it much easier when you decide to do a spot of wedding planning because you’ll be able to access everything in one place!



After all the initial congratulations, people will begin to ask you “When’s the wedding?”.


This question can get a little stressful when you don’t have a clue when you’re getting married. Save yourself a headache by talking to your partner and setting a ‘vague-yet-specific answer.’


For example ‘we’d love a summer wedding’ or, ‘we’d like to get married early next year’.


This should be enough to make your loved ones feel involved. Plus, they’ll want to put a rough date in the diary so they can keep their schedule clear.


Plus, it’ll give you and your fiance a place to start when it comes to making your initial wedding plans!



Setting a budget with your finance can sometimes be a difficult conversation.


However, once you’ve got this discussion over and done with, you can move onto the more fun parts of wedding planning!


If you can agree on an approximate budget, you’ll find that picking venues, vendors, decor, etc. a lot easier. This may seem like a tremendous job (especially during this beginning stage of engagement) however, you’ll be thankful you made an effort to do this before planning the nitty-gritty details of your wedding.


This is because, there’s nothing worse than setting your heart on something and then realizing you can’t afford it- so save yourself some heartache and set yourself a realistic budget.



Weddings can get expensive, so you might want to consider getting a savings account.


This is the easiest way to accumulate cash for your special day (much more reliable than fishing down the back of the sofa to find some extra money to pay off your wedding vendors)!


You could open a very basic savings account at your local bank. Alternatively, you and your fiance could look together online for higher-interest options.


As part of your ‘budget discussion’ (as previously spoken about)  consider setting aside a specific amount each month for wedding expenses. Then, deposit this straight into your savings account so you’re not tempted to spend it on other stuff.



If you want to start planning your special day, begin by looking at your dream wedding venues.


Without a venue, you can’t set a date. Our advice is to do some research online, to begin with, and then start making some calls to get further information. Find out their availability and whether they offer any package deals.


While considering venues, think about the size of your wedding. Whether you want a large ceremony or an intimate one, you want to make sure you and your fiance are on the same page.


Once you have a rough number in mind, it’ll be easier to negotiate with potential venues.


You should also discuss with your partner other logistical questions. For example, do you want to hire a professional wedding coordinator? Do you know anyone that’s been married or works in the wedding industry- could they give you any recommendations for vendors and suppliers?


Enjoy some time looking at different possibilities together, make a few calls and set up some interviews- half the fun of wedding planning is seeing what’s out there!



For the first month or so, you’ll be bombarded with celebrations and congratulations. Your friends and family will want to meet up to celebrate your special news and hear your engagement story!


As great as spending time with your loved ones is, you won’t have a massive amount of time to spend just the two of you.


The best way to get over this hurdle is to schedule time for you guys to spend together – by yourself. Perhaps you could go out for dinner, organize a date night, grab a few drinks, etc.? Do whatever you guys enjoy doing together! It’s important to find time to revel in your happy news, as a couple.


This applies throughout your period of engagement. Wedding planning can sometimes be stressful, so allow yourself some time off. Make sure you two get a chance to just relax and hang out together, do something fun! Like, mini golf, a trip to the beach, a visit to the movies- you get the idea!



If you don’t want (or don’t have the budget for) a professional wedding planner, be sure to get an app or a wedding journal. This helps to keep you organized and holds you accountable when it comes to finalizing wedding-related tasks on your timeline.



Don’t start house hunting or consider moving, unless it’s 100% necessary. You’ll have so much to do with organizing the wedding, you really don’t want to add anything to your already busy schedule.



Whether you like or not, everyone will have an opinion on what your wedding should look like, and chances are they’ll make their views heard. Whether that be the date of your special day, the guest list, bridal party, decor, etc.


Now don’t get us wrong, taking inspiration from others and being flexible is fabulous when you’re wedding planning- but only if you’re comfortable with it.


Don’t let family and friends pressure you into making decisions you’re not happy with. The only two people’s opinions that really count are you and your partners- no one else’s, don’t forget that.

We hope you found the above advice useful. Congratulations again on your engagement! If you have any other pieces of advice for our brides to be, please feel free to post them in the comments; we’d love to hear from you!

Happy planning!



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