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Wedding Suit Shopping Tips for Your Guy + His Groomsmen

You can't wait to go pick out your wedding dress — but don't forget your groom! What your man and his guys wear is an important piece of the overall wedding day look. Make sure he feels prepared when it comes to picking out his attire and guiding his groomsmen. Here are some simple shopping tips for the groom and his entourage.



Narrow down the type of attire.

White dresses for brides? Pretty standard. But there's a lot more flexibility on the menswear side of things. Depending on the level of formality, your budget, and your man's comfort level, you may want to consider the pros and cons of a tuxedo vs. a suit. Tuxedos are typically rented and for more formal occasions while suits can be purchased and give off a slightly more casual vibe. Suits also tend to fit better, since you can make alterations on them.


Get help from the experts.

Just like shopping brides have consultants, so should the grooms. A menswear expert can help men figure out proper sizing, fabric differences, and details like ties and cummerbunds. Don't send your groom in there blind.


Get the timing right by having bridesmaids dresses selected first.

Female attire will typically take much longer to purchase and alter than male attire, and the color choice will be more obvious. So if you're doing any tie-gown matching with bridesmaids, make sure you have your ladies outfits selected beforehand. You also want to match the formality level--you don't want shimmery, floor-length bridesmaids gowns with a quirky suspenders-and-bowties attire for the groomsmen.

Don't forget about alterations.

If you're purchasing a suit, men will probably need at least minor alterations to make sure the fit is perfect. This is going to be the most photographed day of your life--you don't want your guy to have sleeves that are too short or pants that are awkwardly long.

Allow some fun accessories.

Wacky socks or cufflinks make great groomsmen gifts and add a little personality to your groom's overall wedding look.


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